NTMA-U is an innovative new program of online education that bridges the gap between traditional degree programs and skills-based certification curricula. Through agreements with participating colleges, students can take courses online and earn credits toward an associate degree, as well as gain the knowledge to complete their NIMS written exam while building valuable industry-specific knowledge.

    The program began in fall 2011 in “beta” form, with a limited number of students enrolled, and is expanding rapidly. Students of NTMA-U will include current employees of NTMA members, prospective employees and students participating in the National Robotics League seeking to build upon that formative experience.

    The curriculum is customized and tailored to the needs of NTMA members, with textbooks and online training guidelines that have been developed by the association members specifically for this program. Best practices and case studies from AMPED will form part of the curriculum as well.

    You can view NTMA-U by clicking the You Tube Courses Video below.

    NTMA-U Courses
    NTMA-U Courses Video
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    NTMA-U Now Offers Metrology
    NTMA-U Now Offers Shop Safety Awareness

    Over the past four years, over 2400 Courses have been used to train NTMA Member Employees!

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